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What is ExamPlanner?

ExamPlanner is exam scheduling software for universities and colleges that helps solve the problems of organising and planning for exams. It does this by creating examination timetables that fit the criteria you specify, and also by presenting the results in different ways to help implement those exam timetables.

Key Points:

  • ExamPlanner automatically produces high-quality timetables that meet your requirements.
  • ExamPlanner is easy to use - you access ExamPlanner via your web browser, and you use a point-and-click wizard to create timetables.
  • ExamPlanner produces clash-free results, as well as giving an improved spacing of exams for students.
  • ExamPlanner is fully supported - all support and updates are included in our price, and are not an expensive add-on.
  • ExamPlanner works with your existing student administration software, and we import data from a number of the leading vendors.
  • As well as allocating exams to times and rooms, ExamPlanner also allocates invigilators to supervise exams, allocates students to seats, supports many campuses, and has provisions for students with special needs.
  • ExamPlanner is flexible.

How do I know if ExamPlanner can help me with our exams?

These are the basic criteria for whether ExamPlanner is likely to be able to assist you:

  • Your institution has exams.
  • Your institution has 1,000 or more students that can be sitting for exams.
  • Your institution does not have a set exam timetable that is reused year-after-year.
  • Students at your institution are allowed to sit for more than one exam.
  • Student administration staff have Web or Internet access.

The above means that ExamPlanner is primarily suited to tertiary institutions. Most of our customers are Universities and Colleges.

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